Feed-Parser Test (Internal issue)

Feed-Parser Test



I have been working on my college internal project called telescope,where i have been working on the feed parser testing

Here is the issue that i was working on




There was a lot of issues i faced while pushing my changes to project

  1. My git stopped working and npm install was not installing all the packages so i used to use others computer to make changes
  2. I had to appended my test cases at the end of the file since someone else made test cases. I was working on my testing since long and at the end moment someone else started working on it .
  3. Jest was  new for me,I took longer than usual to understand and complete my work
  4. Due to changes done by other members my test kept failing and i had to make small changes


Final  Success


After the long in and out problems I was able to merge my changes and complete the testing successfully.


Here is the link to the file changes i have done for testing


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